Sivota is a seaside village in the south of the Prefecture of Thesprotia. Sivota is one of the main seaside resorts of Epirus and during summer it gathers many tourists from Greece and abroad. The settlement is built on a small bay in which various islands are scattered, the most important of which are Agios Nikolaos and Mount Mavro.

The “Caribbean of Greece” has not been declared by chance! Approaching from Igoumenitsa, a uniform stone-built settlement, scattered exactly where the green meets the blue of the Ionian Sea, will catch your eye. And, of course, the Egnatia Motorway, which brought closer all the Ionian coasts – especially to the Northwests – skyrocketed their shares. Sivota (or Mourtos), surrounded by the green islets of Black Mountain, Agios Nikolaos and Mourtemenos (or Bella Vraka, as its famous beach) are endowed with a unique landscape of beautiful beaches and small coves, like a fjord in the embrace of the Ionian Sea .
In building effervescence, they have a wide range of rooms to rent to luxury hotels, and there is also the possibility of staying in nearby campsites. Tip: rent a boat and explore the bays of the area – it’s one of the experiences you should not miss.